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Our Mission

We are honored to be building the first fully equipped gym in Cameroon. We aspire to provide the chance to fight for good and open doors to a life unexpected. The Francis Ngannou Foundation is a non-profit organization created to enable the youth of Cameroon to take action in ways that make a significant, positive difference in their lives.

By daring to dream, Francis knows firsthand the impact that combats sports can have on one’s outlook- and outcome. Wanting to provide the same opportunity given to him for those in his hometown, the Francis Ngannou Foundation was formed. Using the beauty of combat sports and teaching the principles of respect and discipline, we aim to arm these children with the skills to expand their horizons and realize their dreams.

Our Why

Training, fellowship, and team-building go hand-in-hand in the world of combat sports. We work toward providing top-notch facilities where we can work with the children of Cameroon in pursuing their dreams through a holistic coaching experience. This is a chance to create change through the discipline of sport and unity of a team. We know the importance of having access to a safe space and community where trainees can begin to discover and improve their skills while learning the fundamental lessons of sportsmanship.

With the enormous popularity and reach of combat sports like Judo, Boxing, Karate, MMA, and Kickboxing- we envision our trainees expanding their worldview and gaining the opportunity to explore the world, tap into their strengths, and achieve their greatest.

”Go after your dreams, no matter how unattainable others think it is”

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